Eendracht Adventures is a unique outdoor recreation park for paintball with the largest terrain of North Holland! At our park you can also battle with bow and arrow, the new Archery Tag. Children’s parties are a big success with our Kids Paintball or Living Stratego. Eendracht Adventures hosts your bachelor party, company outing, your get-together with friends, your teambuilding or your class outing, that you’ll never forget.

Experience a sporty and sensational adventure at a beautiful green location in the middle of the typical Dutch polder landscape. Our spectacular playing fields offer many challenges: find your opponent in a deserted village, cross trenches and bunkers, conquer a fortress in the heart of the forest or have the courage to cross the neighbour bridge! At Eendracht Adventures you are sure to have a successful day out with your friends, family, classmates or colleagues.

We open for paintball, as of September 25 we check the CTB along with your ID. We offer opportunities for safe and responsible outdoor activities!
Read more about how we make your visit corona-proof at the Corona measures.


Adventurous and sporty

  • Play on 6 different cool playing fields through forest, land and water
  • For youth and adults
  • Play with your own group
  • No time limit for the games
  • Including complete equipment and professional guidance

From € 25,- per person

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“The fattest children’s party ever!”

A great success for a children’s party, class outing or family event! Children can go all out with exciting games in an adventurous and lifelike arena. Conquer the fortress, battle for the flag, find your opponent between concrete bunkers. With special children’s paintball weapons and extra fun games we organize a complete activity. Our expert staff ensures safety and guides the children with enthusiasm. Birthday parties have been a big hit with us for years; our young visitors have called them “the coolest children’s birthday party ever!”. Paintball for kids: an adventure you will never forget.


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Paintball basic package

Just enjoy Paintballing

  • Includes 100 paintballs
  • Complete equipment
  • Professional support
  • Duration approx. 1 to 1,5 hours
  • Per 100 extra paintballs: € 10.00

€ 27,50

No worries package

Best selling package

  • Includes 300 paintballs
  • Complete equipment
  • Professional support
  • Free drink of choice
  • Duration approx. 3 hours

€ 45,00

Bachelor package

Paintball, BBQ & drinks!

  • 300 paintballs, equipment, supervision
  • Fully arranged barbecue
  • Including drinks
  • The ultimate bachelor party!
  • Also for friends, teams and companies
  • Duration approx. 5 hours

€ 97,00

Special Offers


The fattest kids party ever!

  • Includes 100 paintballs
  • Special equipment for kids
  • Professional Guidance
  • Free drink and bag of chips
  • Ice cream afterwards
  • Duration approximately 2 to 2.5 hours

€ 22,50

Student package

Especially for young people up to 18!

  • Including 200 paintballs
  • Complete equipment
  • Professional support
  • Free drink of choice
  • Great mentor outing or class outing!
  • Duration approx. 2 hours

€ 32,50

Fully catered barbecue

Our fully catered barbecue from the butcher

  • Only in combination with a paintball or archery package
  • Large meat platter with 1 large Wieringer-Weide burger, 1 meat skewer, 1 large pork tenderloin satay and 2 chicken satays from the butcher
  • Delicious large salad with meat rolls, vegetables and fruit
  • Served with garlic sauce, curryana sauce, chili sauce and hot peanut sauce
  • Freshly baked baguette and herb butter

€ 29,50