An overview of all the advantages of our Adventure park

1. Play with your own group

At Eendracht Adventures you always play with your own group. You will not be merged with other groups and every group has its own personal marshal, who takes care of safety and explanation of the games. This way you’ll make the most of your day out! We always make sure that you can play on different playing fields, usually 3 or 4. This of course depends on which package you choose and how quickly you run out of paintballs

2. Unlimited playing time

Eendracht Adventures has no time limit on the games! There will be played until a team has won and the game is over. You’ll take two turns on each field and you’ll play on average on 3 of 4 fields.

3. Professional guidance

We have a professional staff, who are well trained. They look after the safety of the participants and staff. In addition, we always strive for a pleasant atmosphere and make sure that every participant has a good time.

By working with permanent staff, all our marshals have a lot of experience with paintball and making sure that our customers have a nice day out and that their expectations are met. The customer has our focus: personal support and advice from the marshals, so that the wishes and needs of each group can be taken into account as much as possible.

4. Large terrain

Eendracht Adventures started in 2006 with 3 paintball fields and since then our park has grown enormously. The total terrain is now 10 hectares, the equivalent of 20 football fields! It is a large and beautiful location in the middle of the Waardpolder of Wieringerwaard with now 6 paintball fields or 1 large airsoft terrain.


5. Large and cosy canteen

Eendracht Adventures has a spacious cosy canteen that was newly built in 2015. The entire building has underfloor heating and is comfortable. We serve various soft drinks, wine and beer. Small snacks are available as well. We also offer the possibility to end your paintball or airsoft adventures with a barbecue. At our large terrace we have room for 60 guests. The terrace is wonderfully sheltered and is surrounded by the playing fields. From there you can watch all the ongoing action on our playing fields.

6. Changing rooms, showers and toilets

We have 2 spacious changing rooms with shower facilities and a separate toilet room. There is also a separate toilet room in the canteen itself.

The large changing room has room for 30 people and 4 showers. The smaller changing room can take up to 15 people and has room for 2 showers. Of course, you can use these after the physical exertions.

7. Own parking space

Eendracht Adventures has a large car park on our own terrain. The path which leads to the car park is lit and has enough space for buses and coaches.