The rules of play paintball

The game of paintball is bound to a few rules


Always keep your mask on while playing and as long as the marshal tells you to keep it on. Even if your mask is dirty, foggy or something else, the rule is: always keep your mask on.

Only in the safety zone it is allowed to remove the mask, this will be indicated by the marshal.

Do not shoot at each other within a distance of 5 meters. If you get too close to a player on the enemy team, speak to him/her and negotiate who is HIT. Or agree on a time-out of 10 seconds. Usually the marshal is around, so if you really don’t know, you can ask him/her.

Always keep the barrel sock on the paintball weapon, only when entering the playing field hang the barrel sock at the entrance of the field. After leaving the playing field you put the barrel sock back on and your weapon is of course back on the safe button.


You are HIT if you are hit by a paintball. This applies to your whole body and your paintball weapon. If you are hit you shout: “HIT!” and you raise your weapon in the air for extra clarity, so everyone can see that you are HIT. You leave the playing field and wait in the safety zone until the game is over.


Eendracht Adventures has an extra unique insurance for the participants. The participants have to follow our rules. The insurance wants the participants to sign the declaration of house rules, so the organization is insured for the participants in case of an incident or accident.

The marshal will explain the points stated above during your arrival.