Corona-proof at Eendracht Adventures

We opened for paintball. These are the rules per September 25.

Eendracht Adventures follows the guidelines of the RIVM and the safety region and we expect our visitors to follow them.

Corona Access Ticket

To be with us you need a CTB, we will check this at the start with your ID.

Health complaints

If you have health complaints such as a nose cold, cough, tightness in the chest or a fever, you should stay at home. Please refer to the guidelines of the RIVM, which also take into account contact with sick family members. Upon arrival, we will also ask you questions about your health to make sure it is safe for you to visit us, both for the other participants and for our staff.

Health check and contact information

Upon arrival, we will ask you some health questions and you will be asked to fill out contact information for each participant.

Food and drink

Our catering facility and terrace are open.

Toilets, changing rooms and showers

Toilets, changing rooms and showers are available to visitors.


In order to handle the maximum number of visitors, all appointments are made on reservation. Reservations can be made via our webshop, select the desired package or package, number of people and desired date, and add it to the shopping basket. When the reservation is requested for paintball, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the reservation. Your reservation is not final until we have confirmed it.

Please note that we must adhere to the guidelines for maximum visitor numbers and/or group sizes. Weekends and vacation periods will be booked out extra fast, so make your reservations in time!