Company event complete package

Company event complete package


  • Includes 100 paintballs
  • Complete equipment
  • Professional guidance
  • Fully catered barbecue
  • Duration approximately 4 to 4.5 hours
  • Per 100 extra paintballs: € 12.00
  • There is a minimum of 8 people and maximum of 60 people.

    It is also always possible to purchase additional balls at our location.

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Out with your colleagues or your company? The perfect outing for a company event and a fully catered day! The basic paintball package is for starters who just want to enjoy paintballing. It includes a complete outfit consisting of a camouflage suit, a mask with anti-fog lens and a paintball gun. In addition, you will be guided throughout the activity by our expert staff. This paintball package includes 100 paintballs.

At Eendracht Adventures you always have the field for your own group and there is no time limit on the games. We play until the balls are gone, in practice this usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours from arrival. Of course, this depends on your shooting skills, but for the enthusiasts it is always possible to buy extra balls. A company outing for the books, which will be talked about for years!

After paintballing there is a fully catered barbecue with quality meat from the butcher. There is also a buffet with freshly baked bread, butter, salads and sauces. The meat is cooked for you and of course we provide a nice drink.

Fully catered barbecue with quality meat from the butcher:

  • Freshly baked baguette and herb butter
  • 1 large Wieringer-Weide burger, 1 meat skewer, 1 large pork tenderloin and 2 chicken tenderloins
  • Delicious large prepared salads with meat rolls, vegetables and fruit
  • Served with garlic sauce, chili sauce and hot peanut sauce